Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Team Socceroo Vs. Internationale FC


Team Socceroo won again!!!

Haha! I know that this is a super late post. Sorry but I just had a busy week.

So last Tuesday (Oct. 25, 2011), I went first to the Mall of Asia to get my SM Men’s show invites. The game starts at 7pm but I arrived at MOA at 6pm so I only had an hour! Unfortunately I got the invites by 6:30pm so I had to rush to UMAK!

To cut the story short, I was late. The teams were already playing at the football field.

Internationale FC is composed of players such as Daniel Marsh, Jon Avila, Charlie Sutcliffe and Mark McMahon. I thought that they were a better team than Team Socceroo (Oops, sorry guys hehe! My bad!) but it turns out that Team Socceroo is really better.


DJ/Model Alex Pain watching the game. He’s so passionate about the game!

I was standing at the bleachers beside Heart Evangelista, Daniel Matsunaga’s mom and Vanessa Matsunaga (Daniel’s sister). Feeling ko lang kapamilya ako! Wahahaha!!!

I remember Vanessa saying that next game they’ll be ordering cheerleader uniforms for the supporters if the team wins. Hey they won! Hahaha! Don’t forget your promise Vanessa!

As usual, I don’t have pictures of the game because my cam won’t be able to take good shots so I just took photos afterwards.

So after the game, everybody was soo happy! I wanted to hug the players soo much! Wahahahaha!!!
Here’s Terence Lloyd who’s actually an Internationale FC supporter… Hahaha! He’s really funny!


And just look at that, we met again, Callum David!


I just love that he’s wearing that white tank top. It shows his yummy physique.

Model Brian Wilson


Team Socceroo having their picture taken


Ambushed hottie Alex Pain


Azkals’ Mark McMahon


Jon Avila. I heard that he was bitter about the game. Aww don’t be!


And here’s Hideo fresh from the game!


I noticed that Renan wasn’t around so I asked Hideo where he is. “He has an injury” he said. Get well soon Renan!!!

Hideo then wore the Brazil shirt I gave him a week ago! Fits you well Hideo!


Fabio Ide


Fabio was already rushing towards their busney and Akihiro was nowhere to be found. :(

Team Socceroo players and supporters already went home. The Internationale FC team seem to still have a meeting so I stayed a bit so I can photograph Daniel Marsh, Jon Avila (since the pic is blurred) and Charlie Sutcliffe.

Their supporters, some Elite Manila models, are still there as well. Callum was there so we were able to talk a bit. He is a very nice guy. =)

Too bad that the Team Socceroo lucky charm (Read: me) wouldn’t be able to watch and support their game come November 5 that’s why I am inviting everyone to please watch their game in behalf of myself. I would be posting their game details soon at my Facebook profile.

Good luck Team Socceroo! Plenus Pectus!!!
After this game, I went straight to the Finesse event.
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