Thursday, November 24, 2011

Bento? Kumpleto!


Daniel Matsunaga is the new face of Tokyo Tokyo.

Just look at Daniel, he’s soo perfect for Tokyo Tokyo!

The “Bento” tagline has been on my mind since the ad came out so everytime someone says kumpleto, I’d automatically say “Bento? Kumpleto!”. LOL!

I love Tokyo Tokyo. My favorite is the Shrimp Tonkatsu!

I also super love Tokyo Tokyo because of their rice all-you-can. Perfect for guys like me!

I just had to try the Bento meal out. I just can’t resist Daniel’s smile. Hihi!


The Bento meal was really complete. For this one, I have ordered the Pork Tonkatsu meal. It already includes a Miso soup, pork tonkatsu, rice, sauce, veggie side dish, a red iced tea, and dessert!
I had like 3 helpings of rice! Haha! It was really good.

I must say that the veggie side dish made me wanna eat veggies over and over again.

I strongly recommend everyone to try the Bento meals whenever you can!

BTW, I recall (if I am not mistaken) that Heart Evangelista used to be an endorser of Tokyo Tokyo a few years back. If I am right, how nice is it that Heart’s boyfriend is now an endorser of the same brand?

Here’s Daniel’s commercial for Tokyo Tokyo:

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