Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Jose Sarasola in McDo's Post-It TVC

I love McDonald's latest TVC! I love the humor in it!

Jose Sarasola is looking so handsome!

Screencaps and the actual commercial after the jump.

Jose goes to work and finds a coffee on his desk with a smiley. How sweet!

The next day, he wears a cute purple polo at the office. He looks irresistible!

And there waiting for him, is another hot coffee to start his day...

I wish someone would do the same for me. LOL!

Now he's wondering who's doing the deed...

He looks around the office...

It could be miss vixen... who's holding a coffee as well...

Oops! Lola has her coffee too!

Oh no! It couldn't be him!!!

Or could it be ate? Waaahhh!

Jose's face says "WTF?!!" Haha lol

Watch the commercial:

Haha! Funny!

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