Sunday, August 7, 2011

I am Soo Loving Google's New Image Search!

There are so many posers on Facebook but I don't mind having them on my friends list cuz their pics are really hot!

One time, this guy added me on Facebook, so I confirmed him. I noticed that his profile pictures album are composed of random hot guys and some pics of him with cute guys. I noticed the super hottie guy's pic above and asked who the guy was, and alas, no reply. Instead, the guy deleted me. How rude!!!

Oh well, I just thought, maybe he doesn't want to share his hot friends.

But thank goodness for the new Google Image Search, you can now search the web using a picture!

You can either drag and drop the pic from your pc, upload it, or paste the URL to

I have been waiting for this wonderful feature eversince and its now here!!! Yayy!!!

So I used it to search the hottie guy above, and voila! I immediately got more pics of him!!!

He's an Indonesian guy so I can't understand the things written about him. Sigh.

He's got a nice face too!

And just look at those abs!

Well, I just wanna say "SCREW YOU" to that old Facebook friend. You lose!

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