Monday, August 8, 2011

Bruno Alves for Listerine

Everytime I see a model I know on the commercials, it always make me jump!

What more if it's one of my ultimate crushes?

It makes me shriek! XD

I just love Bruno Alves. I jumped when I saw his Listerine ad.

He's actually with Andy Smith and a girl model.

Even if we can only see his face and shoulders, he's still smokin'!!!

It's just unfortunate that he got the 'bad breath' part. But for sure, he doesn't have bad breath. A model's gotta do what they gotta do...

I love his dimple! It's only in this ad that I noticed it. He doesn't usually smile on pictures, unless needed.

Here's the commercial:

Thanks to Listerine Philippines for posting it! ♥

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