Friday, August 19, 2011

Blake by Rick Day

Super talented photographer + incredible model = FANTASTIC PHOTOS!!!

If my first post of Blake left you asking for more, then here they are!

See him shirtless after the jump!

Warning: NSFW

Blake's gotta be my current American obssession. Just look at that perfect body!

And below is the full version of the above pic... OMG! ♥

He comes from a family of really good genes. He's related to the fantastic model below.

Even the styling is almost the same! I just don't know if they had the same photographer...

I love everything about the above photo! His face, eyes, the perfectly ripped body, the lighting...

The above pic reminded me of my college crush Hunter Daniel, photo below...

I know that Blake is a supermodel in the making. I just hope that we'll be able to know more about him in the future.

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