Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Benjamin Tang's New Coke Commercial!

If you're wondering who that cute guy in the new Coke commercial is, then ask no more.

He's already a familiar face.

Check out the commercial after the jump!

He's Benjamin Tang, the devil guy in the old Coke commercial!

I met him personally just yesterday at a shoot. He was really nice!

I told him about his new Coke commercial and he agreed that it's already out. He even tweeted it, saying that he's not really fond of tweeting. It was just Cliff Cole who got him into it.

He adds that the only thing that he personally manages is his twitter and personal Facebook account.

So here's his new commercial:

Benjamin said that we should watch out for another ad for Toyota. ;)

My week would be complete if only I'd receive a message from him. :))

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