Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Fashionissimo Official Candidates' Bodyshots!

They're out!

The Official Bodyshots of the Fashionissimo candidates have been released today and here are my picks!

Since we're talking about bodies, my faves have toned bods with matching face value!

See Lloydy's picks after the jump!

I am loving Jayr's Pinoy look. He's so pang-masa.

Ernest's big arms won me over! Who wouldn't want to be wrapped around those arms?

Drew's look is kinda ordinary for me but I think those eyes just caught my attention. I like his nicely toned body too.

Although Miguel's body is being hidden in that scarf, his chest (particularly that nip :P) is a winner for me.

Nelson looks good in this pic but I'm wondering where his other hand is?

Raph has that bad boy look that everyone will love... It's kinda seductive too, right? Just look at his eyes! Too hot!

Kyle has a great body but I wanna say "PAK" to this picture!

Finally, here's the winner for me, Franc! He's got it: Face, Chest, arms, abs! Complete package!!!

See more of the other candidates here.

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