Friday, August 19, 2011

Hunter Daniel from Manhunt

I would like to reminisce and remember my college crush, Hunter Daniel.

Hunter was a male model contestant in a reality show called "Manhunt".

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Back when reality shows were just making their debut, Manhunt was released in the USA. Manhunt was a "Next Top Model" for males.There was a twist in this competition because one of the contestants was actually a professional model.

Right at the first episode, Hunter already won me over.

I think that I just watched the show on Youtube. Unfortunately, I think that the Manhunt videos have already been deleted. I can't find it anymore. :(
Manhunt aired in the US about October 2004.

Every week, the male models have challenges and photoshoots.

Hunter with Carmen Electra.

The above pic was one of my super faves of him. OMG just look at that. BTW that pic is just a BTS pic.

The above pic made me reminisce my college classmate, Francis, he really looks like Hunter in this pic. Ugh. I miss both of them.

So while Manhunt debuted on air, sudenly, pictures of Hunter Daniel popped out of nowhere...

The pics didn't rattle Hunter during the competition. Rumors said that he's a stripper at a local club in Arkansas. Some family members say that it was a thing he did with his guy friends for fun. Whatever it is, I still love Hunter. Just look at Channing Tatum now.

Hunter lost the competition because of one challenge. It was modelling thru a runway in the middle of a pool. The judges said that his performance was more stripper-like than that of a model. Honestly, I didn't see anything wrong with his performance (I just dont know if some parts were edited tho).

In his farewell video, Hunter said that it wont be the last of him. I have been waiting for him patiently til now.

Hunter, where are you now? Probably in Arkansas...

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