Saturday, February 11, 2012

Marlon Stockinger for Maven Magazine

Marlon Stockinger

20 year-old international racecar champion Marlon Stockinger gets featured on Maven magazine’s February 2012 issue.

Marlon Stockinger

It looks like Marlon has been featured as one of the “Most Wanted” guys in the country right now. I’m pretty intrigued who the other guys are!

Marlon Stockinger

Marlon looks a bit different in these pictures. I think that he’s already losing his baby fats on his face. He is looking more mature now and way hotter! Agree?

I just wasn’t able to see that yet when I met him a couple of weeks ago (Click this link to check that post). But maybe he started dieting when he met me. LOL!!!

Here’s Maven’s interview with Marlon:

Marlon Stockinger

“I can play basketball pretty well; football, firing, shooting, I ‘m quite good at that.” says Marlon.

It’s nice to know that he can play other sports as well. It just confirmed my old question (that I asked myself) whether he can play football or not since he watched the Team Socceroo game quite enthusiastically.

Summer flings, hot or not?

“Definitely hot. It’s that time of the year when everyone’s looking pretty hot and everyone’s working out a lot.” – I can’t agree more!!!

Planning for Valentine’s

“I don’t necessarily plan things but if someone comes along, and says ‘Hey, let’s go out on a date’ then I’ll just go with the flow.” – Okay I just need to tweet something to @imStockinger real quick! lolz

Marlon Stockinger

And just look at Marlon Stockinger’s feet! They’re beautiful.

When do I see you again?

photo from CalCarrie’s International Models Philippines

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