Sunday, February 26, 2012

Anne Curtis with Callum D. for Palmolive Naturals

Callum David with Anne

Yes! That cute guy from the new Palmolive tvc is Callum David!


Philippine Showbiz’ “It” Girl, Anne Curtis, sings another familiar tune in this commercial. Her voice is really lovely, if she choose the right songs and act like a real singer.

Anne Curtis

“Para sa puting pang-dyosa…” (For a whiter skin that’s goddess-like)

Callum David with Anne 1

Here's a quick chat with Callum:

Lloydy: How was it working with Anne Curtis?

Callum: Great! we worked well together and she was very professional. I had heard a lot about her and saw her on many advertisements around the Philippines before that, so it was good to finally met her in person.

Anne Curtis is part Aussie and Callum David is Australian. That maybe is the reason why there’s chemistry on the screen!

Finally, here’s the new Palmolive TVC:

Check out more of Callum here.

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