Thursday, February 23, 2012

Indie Film: Hawla (Cage)

Hawla (Cage) : An Indie Film by Paul Singh Cudail

Reconnaissance Productions (Francis Cabral) on its initial offering proudly presents a moving indie film by Paul Singh Cudail that tackles on the suffering of an HIV carrier as portrayed by seasoned indie film actor Johnron Tanada as Harry. Harry's contracting the disease speaks more on his struggle to break away from the stigma of his shady past. Will Harry be able to overcome the haunted cage of his own making? Will he be able to set himself free from the judgment?

In the intention to understand the silent killer disease that is AIDS, Paul Singh Cudail will also reveal in this film the passion and pain that goes thru the life of Harry as he face the travails of coming to terms as an AIDS victim . Other cast include awesome portrayal by upcoming actor Francis Cabral in his empathic role as Brix. Also watch out for promising indie performances by Migz Molino (Erhan), Dice Vergara (Robbie), Rain Soliman (Chris), Carla Varga (Berna), Erik Tunan (Jasper).

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