Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Watch Out for Mercator TV!!!

The dream is about to become a reality!

About 9pm this evening, Jonas Gaffud announced on his Facebook page that we all should watch out for Mercator TV.

OMG! Watching all those modeling reality shows from the US, I have been craving so much for something local to come up with a similar idea.

Having this crazy idea on my mind, I have actually thought of Mercator Modeling agency as the agency to have such tv show! I just can't recall if I was able to voice this out on my blog before but I am pretty sure that I've already daydreamed of having such show on Philippine tv.

Mercator Model and Artist Mangement has been the home of popular names in the modeling and show business so as a fan, I have been wondering of how it is like to be in their office, to be in a model shoot, or in a tv shoot. I have been envisioning it like the Janice Dickinson tv show before. Of course, Mercator tv show will also include their female models and artists  like Fatima Rabago and Wendy Tabusalla so don't just expect male models in there. LOL

I am soo excited for this and I am sure that the whole community is too!

Can't wait!!!


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