Saturday, January 28, 2012

Benjamin Tang for Bench

Benjamin Tang 4

Here are some of the photos of German-Vietnamese model Benjamin Tang for Bench.

Recently, Bench has released their Official Summer 2012 campaign photos entitled “A Trip to Summer”. Check out more of the new campaign here.

Benjamin Tang 3

It was 2010 when Benjamin became a Bench model. That time, Facebook wasn’t so popular yet. This blog did not exist. Those were the times when it was hard to know a certain model you like. So during this time, a lot of people were asking who that guy on the Bench billboards is.

Benjamin Tang 4

Looking at these pictures, I strongly think that Benjamin should still be one of the faces of Bench. Do you agree?

Benjamin Tang 2

Benjamin is still one of the faces of SM Men’s Fashion.

He is currently touring India. Have a great vacation, Benjamin!

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