Monday, January 23, 2012

A Quick Socceroo Moment


Team Socceroo wins against Manila All-Japan FC with a score of 3-1.

It was my friend’s despedida last Sunday. He will be moving back to Cebu so I had to cut my time between my friends and Socceroo.

I arrived in Glorietta at about 3:10pm. My two friends were already waiting for me at Toy Kingdom. We had to walk our way to Greenbelt and I was surprised to see a Socceroo player! I was soo surprised that I pointed him out to my friend. Am I allowed to say his name? Hmm. Let’s just not say it to protect his privacy. CLUE: He’s the newest addition to the team. :)

We watched “Underworld: The Awakening” 3D at Greenbelt 3. The movie was a bit gross with all the blood, head-cutting and stuff. But it was kinda cool.

After the movie, we went straight to Red Box to do our fave karaoke session! By 7:15pm, I had to rush and excuse myself from my friends to go to the Turf.

When I arrived at the Turf, I immediately checked if Marlon Stockinger was watching but he did not come, unfortunately. Then I noticed that Fatima Rabago and baby Daniela was there watching the game. It was Fatima’s first time to see Hideo’s game. I felt shy as we never talked in person yet. Hihi! I am a real shy person.

Daniel Matsunaga wasn’t able to play. As usual, Hideo, Fabio, Steven Silva, Juan Pablo, Jay Abellana, Hector Zaghi, Michael Reyes, Jan Gautier among others were there.

Before I knew it, the game was already finished. The players were already making their ways out of the field.

Hideo approached Fatima and Dani…


Just look at Dani! She was making cute poses when she knew that she was being photographed! Too cute.


Aaaww what a beautiful family!

Hideo with his Gold’s Gym calendar.


Here’s star player Hector Zaghi!


And then here’s Juan Pablo. He’s not only good-looking, he plays good football as well. I just wanted his solo pic but he actually suggested we take a pic together. Sweet guy. <3


Can you smile for me? Please?


Now that’s better! :)

I die!!!

Congrats on your win, Team Socceroo!

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