Monday, January 16, 2012

Team Socceroo Reunites

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I thought that meeting the Socceroo team would take a while after the UFL season last year but looks like we’ll be seeing them again a lot!

Yesterday, January 14, 2012, Team Socceroo played against the Dolphins at the Turf BGC. It wasn’t really clear to me yet why their having another set of games for the UFL but I’ll be checking on that later. ;)

Some of the players were not present like Renan Evangelista, Alex Pain, Zaydan Timpani, and Gui Matsunaga because they are currently in Brazil, taking a vacation.

I arrived at Market! Market! yesterday not knowing where the Turf was so I ended asking for directions from people. I had to walk a bit and was glad to find the right place.

It wasn’t a real football field but it was the same size as a football field, I guess.

It was also the first time that I was using my Blackberry phone for blogging! I was so excited that I’ve tweeted so much.

First thing I tweeted was a picture of Hideo Muraoka on the field.

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I used my Blackberry to take pictures and I think that that wasn’t a good idea because when you zoom the focus, the picture becomes small too. Oh well…

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So here’s how it actually looked like from the audience’s point of view, there’s this cyclone wire for protection to avoid hitting the people watching. Well I prefer the football field at Ayala Alabang wherein there was no barricade.

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The team gets their pre-game instructions from the coach…

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I just realized that Steven Silva, Starstruck winner, is also a part of the team!

By this time, I already spotted Marlon Stockinger watching the games. It felt so unreal to actually see him in person! I felt so excited that I can feel my blood circulating all over my head.

I was kinda thinking twice to approach him so I just had to take some pics of the Socceroo team. I was shaking all over.

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I know I was shaking but good thing that my pictures are still intact and not blurry. Just look at Hideo’s jawline…

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Fabio and Daniel listen carefully to the coach.

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Since it was the first time I’ve seen Steven Silva in person, I thought it’d be nice to take some pictures of him…

Imported Photos 00007

Imported Photos 00009

My friend says that he kinda looks like Mario Maurer. Well, kinda. Mario has bigger eyes while Steven has a more pointed nose though.

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I was trying to get a hold of Jan Gautier but couldn’t get a good picture of him.

Heart Evangelista was also there to watch the game and support Daniel. Aaaww. Sweet!

Some fans took the opportunity and took pics with her while no one seemed to notice cutie Marlon beside them.

I was amazed that no one asked to take a picture with Marlon. The international FIFA champion appeared just like a normal person there, wearing his fave black shirt, a pair of jeans and flip flops.

I finally decided to approach him and take his picture. Good thing it was not blurred hahaha!

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He was not centered though. I felt really excited and nervous at the same time that I kinda didn’t know what to do. Gosh he’s really cute!

I had my picture taken with him too! I swear I looked pink next to him because of all the blushing on my face.
It’s currently my phone wallpaper. LOL

I just said that I’m a big fan. I was stuttering pa. Kahiya! LOL But then he shook my hand so I was soo happy and lucky. OMG

And then after that I immediately escaped and went back to my original place. Hahaha!

After about 2-3 minutes, Marlon rode a car and we all thought that he already went home. Aaawww. My girl friends became so sad.

I also spotted a hunk player when I arrived. I didn’t realize that he was also a Team Socceroo player!

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His name is Juan Pablo.

Imported Photos 00013

So far, that’s all I know about him.

Steven was suddenly beside me that time so I immediately took his picture…

Imported Photos 00014


Did you also notice Team Socceroo’s new jersey? It’s super nice!

Here’s a random photo I took…

Imported Photos 00015

And then after we knew it, the game already ended with a draw at 3-3! Uh. That's ok. Hahaha!

Here is Juan Pablo, the new Socceroo hottie.

Imported Photos 00021

The ever fresh Fabio Ide

Imported Photos 00022

Hideo Muraoka

Imported Photos 00024

Daniel Matsunaga

Imported Photos 00025

I didn’t get to catch up on Hideo as they were all rushing. That was the sad part though. But it’s ok. :)

Seeing Marlon Stockinger that day, there was nothing that could make me feel bad.

Afterwards, I went out with my friends: ate dinner and watched Mission Impossible 4. That night was perfect!

Glad to see Team Socceroo again. Plenus Pectus!

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