Thursday, January 12, 2012

No More Steve Jones in X Factor Season 2?


X Factor US host Steve Jones getting axed on the second season of the show?

News has it that the Welsh presenter got bad reviews on his hosting stint on the show. He failed to connect with the audience and empathize with the contestants.


This is really bad news for us. I mean, the first time I saw him on the show, I immediately thought that this guy looks better than Ryan Seacrest!


I was about to blog the show the first week but got disappointed when my hunk bets didn’t make it on the finals.

Going back, I think that Steve deserves a second chance. Everyone does, right?

Well I think that he is such a sweet and beautiful guy. Check him out with Ellen Degeneres…




And now the actual interview!


Steve loves to be back on the reality show but if not, he says that he’ll be pursuing judge Nicole Scherzinger to be his girlfriend.

Well, pursuing Nicole seems to be ok for me as well. Nicole Scherzinger by the way is half-Filipino so knowing she’ll be in good hands, we’re ok with that. ;)

photos from Steve Jones’s Facebook page.

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