Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Twin Muscle: The Harrison Twins


Double the hotness. Double the fun!

No, that picture is not edited. Yes, those two are different persons! They are the Harrison twins!


Meet Owen and Lewis Harrison from the United Kingdom. They are both 21 years old but have been working out for over six years now.


These two are pretty new to the modeling world. They have been discovered when they were introduced to a photographer at a festival. Oh thank goodness for your friend!


"We have been working out for more than six years now. As twins we do nearly everything together and are training partners. We try to keep our physiques in similar proportions to each other though we do have our differences."


The Harrison Twins' Stats:

Height: 178cm - 5'10"

Weight: 83kg – 182lbs

Arms: 40.5cm - 16"

Forarms: 30.5cm - 12"

Chest: 106.5cm - 42"

Waist: 81.5cm - 32"

Thighs: 56cm - 22"

Calves: 38cm - 15"



The Harrison twins dream of being winners of a bodybuilding contest.


393339_218605184886854_211073615640011_500171_994378121_n     395405_218605544886818_211073615640011_500177_2061761520_n

Watch the behind-the-scenes of their shoot with photographer Justin Tayler.

You can actually book a Skype chat with them! Find out how here.


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photos by the Harrison twins’ Facebook page.

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