Saturday, March 24, 2012

Ian Batherson is Back on Twitter!

Since last week's launch of the new Close Up song at the Mall of Asia, Starstruck hottie Ian Batherson promised me that he'll be creating his new Twitter account soon.

He deleted his old Twitter account where he had 20, 000++ followers and felt terribly sorry for doing it.

Since then, I have been frantically searching for his new account on twitter til early today when I just found a poser account and an account made by his fans for him.

But this afternoon, I was surprised that I got a mention from him!!!

Yeah. He retweeted my tweet and asked how I was doing. Ugh. I almost died! Hahaha!

Of course I replied to him but to see more of our convo, you have to follow him too on twitter @itsIanBatherson !

I just feel so honored to be the 11th person to be followed by Ian Batherson. Thank you! <3

So again, spread the word and follow @itsIanBatherson !!!

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