Sunday, March 18, 2012

Hunk of the Day: Ian Batherson


The new Close Up guy poses for Lloydy Gaga!

Finally! I met Ian Batherson at the Close Up event yesterday at the Close Up Pyromusical event, MOA.

He is a really cool guy, very down-to-earth, and charming.

He came straight from California to the Close Up event yesterday, his huge baggage lounging on the actors’ tent.

After our handshake, I wanna melt! Hahaha It’s Ian batherson for god’s sake!

We talked about my blog, the event, and stuff.

He said that he’d be creating his twitter account again as he deleted his first one before. He was trying to create his twitter account on the event but guess he had some issues, but he promised he’ll do it asap.

Check out more of Ian here.

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