Thursday, December 22, 2011

Mauro Lumba A Day…

Mauro Lumba (2)

The blog gets a lot of traffic from Mauro Lumba. It’s like readers need their daily dose of Maui!

Just look at that picture.

It was taken from Cosmo Bachelor’s auditions. The gallery is filled with auditioners and Maui’s pic stands out from them all, even when compared to experienced male models! His eyes, facial expression and pose is really striking. At his age, he is doing really good. I tell you, this guy will go far!

Trivia: Did you know that Maui is being managed by his own parents? Now you know!

No wonder his Facebook account is super protected. I am guessing that his mom and dad has access to it. Oops! Hi tita and tito! (Just in case their reading the blog. Teehee!)

How I wish that I’d be able to watch one of his basketball games in the future.

He doesn’t have a Facebook page that he personally administers, but you can follow his Facebook fan page here.

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