Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Backstage with the Cosmo Centerfolds

Yes we just cant get enough of them!

Thanks to Cosmo for the backstage pass, now we all get to see what the bachelors are doing backstage.

More steamy photos after the jump!

Ahron Villena being prepped up. I've never disliked watermarks til now!

Cutie Enrique Gil chilling. I just wish he'd workout more. :)

The boys are having fun!

Paulo Avelino, Enzo Pineda, and Rocco Nacino

Hideo, Alex, Aaron, and Tylor

Men in Black. Enrique and Kean Cipriano

Paulo Avelino!

Yes we need a closer look!

Oh no, here comes Hideo! (faints)

Don't you just love that smile?

Waaaahhh!!! Anton!

Anton and Nate with a lucky girl.

OMG @enzo!!!

Hideo hotness!

Sigh. I'm just left speechless.

Guess getting a backstage pass is something I couldn't have.

Lucky we have these pics from Cosmo!

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