Saturday, December 17, 2011

Lloydy Gaga is Now Powered by Sun



Diz is it!

You may remember that I was wishing my own internet connection before.

I was able to purchase my own Sun Broadband Wireless plugin yesterday after weeks of planning and decision-making. Yes, I bought it myself.

This wireless plugin only costs P995 and it already includes 5 days unlimited internet.

I just love Sun Wireless because unlike other broadbands in my area, Sun works perfectly as I needed it. It is really fast and consistent! Other broadbands may claim that they are the most preferred broadband, that may be true. But because of too many people using their service, the network gets clogged and can't service perfectly.

The prepaid promos are to-die-for. I mean, 3 days unlimited internet for only P100? That’s just P33.33 in a day!!!

Using it is also convenient, I must say. It’s easy-to-use and you don’t need to register for the 3 day prepaid cards.

Now, I am feeling as gorgeous as Maja Salvador! LOL

Hopefully, I’ll be able to blog more often than before now that I have a decent connection at our house.

Thank you so much to all the readers of my blog. Thanks for choosing Lloydy Gaga!

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