Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Globe has Something Special for Us This Christmas!

This morning, I have shared with you guys that my newest wish for Christmas is a new Blackberry phone.

My wish may have been too late but thanks to Globe, it looks like it's pretty possible!

Truth is, I have been itching to get my hands on one of those Blackberries since I've known about their key features like BBM, and update FB and Twitter instantly!

So I've done my part and did some research on what are the best deals there is for me since I am on a tight  student budget.

Just last week, I've visited my friendly Globe store to inquire on their Blackberry deals and got these brochures...

Gosh. I was really amazed with the very affordable plans they have!

I was eyeing the cheapest plan which is the Free Blackberry Curve at plan 599 which gives you the Unlisurf Combo plan. This will be enough for me as I just need to update my blog followers every minute I can.

But just in case you're also interested on their other Christmas promo plans, here they are:

BlackBerry Curve 8520
FREE at UnliSurf Combo Plan 599 with unlimited mobile surfing

BlackBerry Curve 3G 9300
FREE at UnliSurf Combo Plan 999 with:
•  unlimited mobile surfing
•  P400 consumable amount
•  1 freebie from A to C, E

BlackBerry Curve 9360
FREE at UnliSurf Combo Plan 1799 with:
•  unlimited mobile surfing
•  P1,200 consumable amount
•  3 freebies from A to C, E

BlackBerry Bold 9780
FREE at UnliSurf Combo Plan 2499 with:
•  unlimited mobile surfing
•  P1,900 consumable amount
•  5 freebies from A to C, E

Promo period is from Dec1-Dec31, 2011.

For more info, click on this link.

Thank you so much for this, Globe!

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