Thursday, December 1, 2011

Animalistic Host Dave Salmoni

Dave salmoni

Finally I was able to see Dave Salmoni’s Discovery Channel show the other night!

Dave is a host and producer of Discovery Channel’s Rogue Nature.


I think it was last year when I first saw him at the Tyra show, promoting his own animal show. He was Tarzan!!!


It was when I got hooked on him. Just check out his stint and for sure you’ll be hooked too:

Part 1

Part 2

They really know how to get followers!

After watching that show, I just had to google him. I have found this clip of him on YouTube where he showers with Lions!

And then some of his pictures…

dave salmoni 3

dave salmoni 2

dave salmoni 1

Going back, I’ve watched his show, expecting a lot of shirtlessness. The episode was about elephants in South Africa and the damage they are doing to people in there. I have learned that a lot of people gets killed every year just because of elephant attacks. Like, OMG right? It’s a weird way to die for most of us. Dave bravely studied elephant behavior by tring to get near them and even near packs of elephants. There were times when I felt how dangerous it was to be near wild elephants as Dave was almost attacked by one. I feared for him because one animal host from Discovery Channel as well died when he was attacked by an alligator. Oh no, please not Dave! He’s too hot to be eaten by animals!

Dave Salmoni6

There was a short period when Dave wore a sleeveless shirt but then the show ended and there wasn’t a shirtless Salmoni in sight. :( LOL

Oh well, it was fun though and I’ve learned something new from him. :)

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