Friday, December 9, 2011

Lucas Gil by Lon Liwen


It was last month when international model Lucas Gil was photographed by the amazing Lon Liwen.

Li, as he would rather be called (rather than Sir Li as I have insisted), invited yours truly to witness his work with Lucas when the Brazilian model had a vacation here in the Philippines.


Can you believe that I have let it pass? Yes, I did. I can’t believe it myself. I wasn’t able to come to the shoot because of personal reasons. And this is what I get, seeing Lucas in pictures when I could’ve experienced his beauty in person!


I love how the pictures look real and natural…


I was quite surprised with Lucas’ new look. He has longer hair and scruff which I love!


These pics just left me wondering what might have been…


I love the emotion, the energy… I love everything about these photos!

I know. I have learned my lesson.

photos by Lon Liwen Photography

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