Sunday, December 18, 2011

Brazil Wins Mister International 2011!!!

Cesar Curti of Brazil wins this year's Mister International.

How time flies! It was like yesterday when I blogged about him competing for Mr. Brazil. Read the post here.

And now, he is already Mister International! Amazing!

Here is the list of winners:

Mister International 2011 : Cesar Curti, Brazil
1st runner-up : Martin Gardavský, Czech Republic
2nd runner-up : Steven Yoswara, Indonesia
3rd runner-up : Lê Khôi Nguyên, Vietnam
4th runner-up : Marco Djelevic Virriat, Sweden

Top 10 :
Ji Sung Oh, Korea
Sergio Felipe Meléndez, Mexico
Jakub Lorencovič, Slovak Republic
Žan Cvet, Slovenia
Jeefry Rojas, Venezuela

Top 16 :
Carlos Eduardo Paez, Colombia
Mads Madsen, Denmark
Kenneth Nwadike, Nigeria
Nikolai Danielsen, Norway
Fhrancis Oliver Lopez, Philippines
Anuj Ranasinghe, Sri Lanka

Special Award
Mister Photogenic : Marco Djelevic Virriat, Sweden
Mister Congeniality : Fábio Duarte, Portugal
Best Body by L-men : Marco Djelevic Virriat, Sweden
Best National Costume : Direk Sindamrongsi, Thailand

Sponsor Award
Dream Man : Cesar Curti, Brazil
Health Man :
Martin Gardavský, Czech Republic
Erick Martinez, Costa Rica
Sigh. I just wish we were able to watch the pageant, right?
Oh well. Let's see and search for the videos later and maybe it's just there somewhere. ;)
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