Monday, June 3, 2013

Male model on full alert

Full Alert

If you’re gay and obsessed with male models, you’d sometimes fantasize on ways of how to befriend them.

Become a Photographer, a Blogger, or a die-hard fan maybe.

Luckily, for this guy, he became a Male Model(MM) himself.

Standing at 6’2ft, MM has the height of a male supermodel thus making him a staple at fashion week shows. He also walked in a popular Dubai fashion show. When it comes to face value, I’d like to say that he’s got a quite unique look.

Prior to the fashion week, MM would add on Facebook male models he likes and be accepted. He would exchange flirty messages to some newbies, trying hard not to be too explicit. MM once told a new male model that he’d send money to the newbie once MM makes it big internationally.

During fashion week, MM would choose to stay at the men’s changing rooms (of course). Even if he’s already done, he would stay comfortably there, quietly taking glances here and there.

Do you know who MM is?

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