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Demigod of the day: Julian Christian

Julian Christian (2)

I remember it was Holy week of 2008 when I first saw Julian Fantechi's pictures on the internet. If I'm not mistaken, I was watching some video clips of Ugly Betty and he was on it's pilot episode. He didn't play a big role but his shirt was just ripped by Selma Hayek and it was enough for me to be obsessed with this Italian Demigod.

Then I began searching more his pictures online and my interest towards him became more and more intense. He graced on many Fitness Magazines such as Men's Health, Exercise for Men and others. He also appeared in some TV series and commercials, did some print and net ads as well as in several work out videos. What's more mind-blowing is that he was voted twice as Playgirl Magazine's Man of the Year in 2006 and 2007.since then, I became an avid fan of his, though sometimes, it hurts to see him posing romantically and sometimes daring with other female models (haha!). And because of him, I also became a fan of Ugly Betty.

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Julian also became a center of controversy when his Playgirl photos were released in public that drew the concern of some students' parents where he was teaching and questioning his values and work ethic. Julian is very passionate about his job as an Occupational Therapist and he's not the typical gym buff who will just hit on girls (although he can do it if he wants to, LOL ).

Julian Christian (7)

As a fan, I've read some of his interviews from the internet and found out he's not just a pretty face but also a man of intelligence and substance. He has a Master's degree in Occupational Therapy from New York University where he was awarded a full scholarship (Damn,I'm sapiosexually attracted to him, and wait 'til your hear his voice! Haha! sorry Benjamin) and also became an exchange student in Asia for 1 semester, and because of that, he fell in love with the Asian culture. Julian is now in his late 30's and is already retired from having nude pictorials. He enjoys going outdoors (surfing, camping occasionally, rock climbing), getting in shape (of course), and spending time with his dogs, Rocky and Zoey. He's now more of a cover model of brilliant romance novels for DCL publications and Kim Killion's and also concentrating on acting. He lives in San Diego City, California.

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One on one with Julian
* This could have been better if it's a face to face interview, but since you're a busy guy, guess I'll just have to settle for this. Thanks by the way for granting me this interview.
The name of our Blog is DEMIGODS, and I just wanna say that you're really fit to have the title (wink)
- I'm a lil nervous actually-
1. What's a day in your life?
- 24 hours, lol. Seriously work, gym and time with my dogs.

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2. Describe yourself in 3 words.
- Spontaneous, driven and compassionate.
3. As a model, do you consider yourself vain or metrosexual?
- Neither, I just consider myself me.
4.Funniest experience in a photo shoot?
-Hmmm...can't really think of one. I am pretty serious when shooting.
5. What are your 3 must haves?
- Love, happiness and friends.
6. As an Actor, do you have any dream projects? or roles?Who do you wanna work with?
- None really. I live my dreams.
7. I've read in one of your interviews that you won't be posing nude anymore, and the last one that you had was for Paragon Man, so What would make you say yes to a nude photo shoot again?
- No never again. I'm done with nudes. Where do you go after PlayGirl?
9. What do you consider your greatest achievement so far?
- My education.
10. Are you dating someone now?
11. How many serious relationships have you had?
- A few.
12. What's your life philosophy?
- Treat others as you would want to be treated.
13. I noticed on Facebook that you really are a very concerned citizen and you're not afraid voice out you're political and social views, If you can pass a bill to the senate, what would it be?
- I would get rid of contributions from lobbyists.
14.Got any talents people don't know you have?
- I am a drummer.
15. What are your guilty pleasures?
-Coconut ice cream
16. Any countries you would like to visit in the future?
-The Phillipines
* I was hoping you'd say that, haha!
17. Message to our Demifriends: Love you all!!!
Thanks, Julian! more success to your career and looking forward to see more of your works in the future...and shirtless pics! Demigods Love you too! BTW, love your answer on number 16!

Julian Christian (4)

Interview by Lucky Serenity

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