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Hotties at the Aeropostale Manila launch

Aeropostale Manila

MANILA, Philippines - AÉROPOSTALE opened its doors to the Filipino fans Saturday, June 15, 2013 at 12 noon. Fans rushed to Glorietta to experience the new studio concept store, and they were treated to freebies and in-store promotions throughout the day.

Last Wednesday, June 20, 2013, Aeropostale officially launched their brand with a really cool event at Glorietta.

Aeropostale Manila (1)

Never the strangers and She’s only sixteen set the mood of the Aero-spectators. People were served snacks and refreshments during the event and it felt like I was in college all over again.

Aeropostale Manila (2)

Aero-fans were all excited to see the collection of Aeropostale for the Filipinos.

Aeropostale Manila (4)

After the official launching of Aeropostale in the Philippines, the fashion show began…

Aeropostale Manila (3)
LA Aguinaldo is such a cutie

Aeropostale Manila (8)
IM's Samir Ayeb plays with the camera

Daniel Velasco is just so yummy for his age

And who is this cutie pie right here? Who knows his name?

I took a lot of photos during the show but my camera failed me. A lot of them were blurred.

I love the energy and vibe of the models during the show! It’s very youthful and fresh.

Also, I am craving for Aeropostale’s lovely and colorful outfits! I am digging those limited edition Manila shirts.

Aeropostale Manila (6)

After the fashion show, Up Dharma down serenaded the crowd and it was my cue to find the hotties in the crowd.

Aeropostale Manila (5)
Luigi Pumaren stands out from the crowd
I really hate posting blurry pics but…

Robbie Becroft covers the Aeropostale event

It’s Robbie Becroft! He left immediately after the show so I never got the chance to shoot him again.

Alexander Diaz
Alexander Diaz' personality is so attractive

I was not really a fan of Alexander Diaz, but meeting him changed that. He looks really good in person and he’s got that amazing aura about him.

Ivan Dorschner
Ivan Dorschner shares that he's leaving on July

You can tell that Ivan Dorschner looks good even while he’s looking back at you. What I love about him is that he is trying really hard to speak in Tagalog.

James Reid
James Reid's mysterious personality makes him even more appealing

You can tell that James Reid is working out because of his nice physique. I wish I could have talked to him if his girlfriend weren’t around him that much (LOL).

Aéropostale Glorietta is located at the Ground Floor of the new Glorietta 2.

Welcome to the Philippines, Aeropostale!!!

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