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EXCLUSIVE: Rafael do Prado will make you forget Christian Grey

Rafael do Prado - DEMIGODS (13)

You may remember him as one of the faces whenever you go to SM malls, in billboards along the metro, or maybe on that very tempting ice cream TV commercial.

Rafael do Prado is one of the Philippines’ most sought-after male models today.

Rafael do Prado - DEMIGODS (16)

I feel so honored to have him on the blog. The very first time I saw him was at the SM Men’s Fashion show in Mall of Asia and I knew that he’s gonna make it big here. His piercing eyes were the only thing that lingered on my mind that time.

His green eyes are really his best asset. They make you wanna melt whenever he looks at you. He might be considered to play the part of Christian Grey, agree?


To refresh your mind, here he is for Nestle Temptations of the world…

Rafael do Prado - DEMIGODS (18)

And here’s his tv commercial:

Now, I think it’s time for us to get to know Rafael do Prado himself…

Rafael do Prado - DEMIGODS (2)

Name: Rafael do Prado
Birthday: July 30, 1981
Height: 6'2
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Nationality: Brazilian (Half German, Quarter Spanish and Quarter Italian)
Current Location: Makati, Philippines 
Where you’ve seen him: SM Men’s Fashion, endorser of some local and international brands.

What are the 3 words that best describe you?
Brave, Down-to-Earth and adventurous.

How do you keep in shape?
Sometimes I do too much, sometimes nothing at all. I play soccer with my friends’ team in the third division, also wake board and run. No junk food, no pork, no soda…well, sometimes soda and junk food haha, but I keep on a healthy diet daily. I go to the gym too, but I prefer the outdoors.

Rafael do Prado - DEMIGODS (14)

What is a normal day for you?
Water first, then fruits, soya milk, cereals, sometimes I make omelet and toasted bread. I like to have a very quiet and relaxing morning, enjoy and build up energy to endure the day. Then I check my schedule and go, but not before I fix everything for my little baby boy Logan. Very sweet and playful, he is a Scottish Terrier. With all set then I go my job or meeting.
I think this is my normal day, doing my chores and eyes on the phone for any last minute call (being a model require you to be ready 24 hours, you never know).

Rafael do Prado - DEMIGODS (9)

How do you find the Philippines?
First of all, I love this place. It look a bit like Mexico, the architecture, the people, the food…well, it has everything to do with the Spanish colonizers right? The NCR is just a metropolis, but the rest is amazing!!! Sooooo much to explore, hundreds of islands, forests, mountains, the coral reefs… Endless beauty, so much blessing in one place.

What is your favorite Philippine destination?
So far I can only say Palawan. I've been to Boracay and it’s very nice, but every time I close my eyes and wonder….the first picture in my mind is me standing in a boat looking at the sunset, amazing!


What is the one thing that people don't know about you?
Well, I'm not the person that have secrets also I don't talk much about myself…being a Leo and not talk about yourself is kinda weird. But there is one thing that i don't usually share…I was adopted on my first day in this world and also blessed by having an incredible family that love and support me. My parents are like angels!

Short Bio
I was born and raised in this small town called Campo Bom in South Brazil, studied Civil Engineering. Always a big fan of sports, went professional on Handball and played Futsal, Volleyball, Soccer and Cross Country. Went to São Paulo modeling for the first time on 1999 but was modeling before in the south with Ford Models then Elite. By the time I started modeling in South Brazil, Gisele (top model) was just starting and I met her a few times going for the same castings as I was going to… No one wanted her at the time, funny huh?

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What is your message to your fans?
Life is short, you live only once…do your best, enjoy the little thing in life, smile, eat healthy, do something you love, help someone, fall in love. Live big but wise, travel whenever possible, take chances, work hard, make friends, be positive, have faith.
Life is simple, don't make it complicated. Less TV, more books.
Smile, the sun will shine on you!
God Bless ;)

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Rafael do Prado - DEMIGODS (6)     Rafael do Prado - DEMIGODS (7)     Rafael do Prado - DEMIGODS (17)
Rafael do Prado - DEMIGODS (11)     Rafael do Prado - DEMIGODS (3)    Rafael do Prado - DEMIGODS (4)

Great knowing you, Rafael!

For more of him, contact Rafael on Twitter and Instagram @dopradorafael

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