Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Demigod of the week: Rafael do Prado

Rafael do Prado - DEMIGODS (5)

Top model Rafael do Prado is the demigod of the week.

We can’t seem to get tired of him especially those really enchanting eyes!

Rafael do Prado - DEMIGODS (1)

Rafael do Prado is currently the face of Playboy Apparel…

Rafael do Prado - DEMIGODS (3)

As I see it, Playboy Apparel is for men who are stylish, sexy, and naughty.

Rafael do Prado - DEMIGODS (2)

I am loving the casual vibe of Playboy Apparel, it gives a man a boyish charm. Plus, that logo instantly sends an idea of sex appeal.

Rafael do Prado - DEMIGODS (4)

Check out his behind-the-scenes video of making the Playboy Apparel:

Whew! That video is just sexy.

More of Playboy Apparel here.

Get to know more of Rafael on our exclusive interview here.

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