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Demigod of the week: The very fine Vince Ferraren

Vince Ferraren - DEMIGODS (5)

He talks to you in Tagalog, he helps on the set, and he lures you with his incredible personality.

There’s more to know about this super adorable Fil-Aussie model on-the-rise!


The very first time I saw Vince Ferraren was at the Philippine Fashion Week last May 2012. At first, my impression was “OMG, this guy is really tall”. I also thought that he was unapproachable but guess I was wrong. I asked for a picture and here it was:


What’s up with the scruff? Trying to look older?

Though his height was a big distraction, I already knew that he’s got the look that will make him big in the Philippine fashion industry.

True enough, Vince booked a lot of fashion shows for both designers and brands.

Vince Ferraren - DEMIGODS (13)  Vince Ferraren - DEMIGODS (14)  Vince Ferraren - DEMIGODS (15)

Vince Ferraren - DEMIGODS (11)

Vince Ferraren - DEMIGODS (6)

Vince Ferraren - DEMIGODS (5)   Vince Ferraren - DEMIGODS (10)

Vince Ferraren - DEMIGODS (12)

He then appeared in Cosmopolitan Philippines’ Cosmo Bachelor bash


Vince Ferraren - DEMIGODS (8)

This year, Vince is reaping the fruits of his hard work. He started the year with a McDonald’s tvc:


Tanduay tvc


And a Bench endorsement.

Vince Ferraren - DEMIGODS (1)

Get to know this super adorable male model in an exclusive interview with the Demigods blog:

Vince Ferraren - DEMIGODS (18)



Name: Vince Ferraren

Year born: 1990

Height: 6’4

Eye color: Brown

Hair color: Black

Nationality: Filipino-Australian

Contact Information: Twitter - @vinceferraren







What are the best words that describe you?

Adobo, hindi bobo.

What is the best fitness tip that you know?

Don’t rely only on supplements. I see lots of guys buying stuff they probably don’t need, or not knowing it’s use or how to take it. Organize first your diet and work out plan then add the supplements.

375049043648676487_238325479What’s a normal day for Vince Ferraren?

Hit snooze a few times, roll out of bed, cook, eat, gym, eat, daydream about stuff, eat, read Tagalog, eat, sleep.


How much do you know about the Philippines?

Being FilAussie and raised abroad, I’m sure I don’t know a lot about the Philippines. Although after living here for about 1 year, I KNOW Filipinos love to celebrate by gathering lots of friends, family and all the food in the world around one juicy roasted pig.

What is your fave Filipino dish?

I eat Adobo everyday and might do so until I die. Though my favorite has to be Laing and unlimited rice.

Do you know any Filipino songs? What is your fave?

I do. Pusong Bato is what I’m famous for among my friends cause it’s my karaoke song. But I want to learn other songs like Pare Ko and Salamat.


What is your message to your fans?

Mahal ko kayo. You guys keep me motivated and love all the positive feedback. Connect with me on my twitter @vinceferraren and I try my best to get back to all of you. I’ll also keep trying to land more projects to share with you all.


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Vince Ferraren - DEMIGODS (10) Vince Ferraren - DEMIGODS (3) Vince Ferraren - DEMIGODS (4)

Vince Ferraren  Vince Ferraren - DEMIGODS (3) Vince Ferraren - DEMIGODS (4)

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