Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Demigod of the day: Christopher Cote


Get to know rising male model Christopher Cote in this exclusive interview.




Name:Christopher Côté

Year Born: 1993

Height: 6’1”ft

Eye Color:Brown

Hair Color: Brown


Location: Quebec,Canada



What are the 3 words that best describe you:

Dedicated, Confident And Worker


What is the best fitness tip that you know?

Eat well, train hard, sleep early


What is a normal day for you?

When I wake up in the morning I eat my eggs and drink my protein shake then go to the gym. After that I go to work and later I practice my poses and spend time with my family.


Give us a glimpse of the life of Christopher Cote

Born the 8 of May 1993 in Quebec city. Since I was young , I always knew I were born to do something extraordinary but just discovered it when I was 15 when my friends and mom used to tell me I look like an actor/model and I started doing my first photoshoot and i really enjoyed it. I love everything that puts me in a situation where I am in front of the lens. I love my family, my friends and I love to push myself harder everyday till my body hurts or I throw up. That’s the key of success in fitness or modeling, never back down: the world is yours if you make it.


I've be nominated as the sexiest men of the month in Starcentral magazine and sexiest men of the year 2012 in Starcentral I've won the sexiest men in my city.

I am very dedicated and ready to fight against every challenge. My biggest dream is to become someone important in the modeling or acting industry and make my parents proud of me. I work so hard everyday doing diet and hard training.

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