Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Lloydy Gaga's Sexiest Man of the Month: Hideo Muraoka

It's Fashion month for Lloydy Gaga and what's a better way to spend it with Hideo Muraoka as the Sexiest Man of the month!

Hideo Muraoka is a 23 year old Brazilian-Japanese model who is currently based in the Philippines.

Since May is the Fashion Issue, I had to pick somebody who can represent Fashion very well. Hideo has been a model for 3 years now across Asia.

Right now, Hideo is focusing on learning Filipino, the Philippines' national language, for him to enter the local showbusiness.

Make sure to catch Hideo @ Fashion Week! He'll be modeling for SM Department Store today!

Hail to the Sexiest Man, Hideo Muraoka!!!


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