Monday, May 2, 2011

Lloydy Gaga Fitness!

Welcome everyone to Lloydy Gaga Fitness!

This is a new part of the blog wherein we'll be discussing exercise and nutrition.

Summer's here! Want to lose your gut? Wanna have Aljur's abs? Piolo's pecs?

Get that body now!

Only a small number of Pinoys go to the gym, sad right?

Really, you don't have to go to the gym to be fit.

Thanks to the 'Runs' that is becoming a fad nowadays, Pinoys somewhat become aware of physical fitness.

I've actually had this Fitness section idea when I was looking at some cosplayers...

Haha That's funny!

That Cosplay stud really became an inspiration, cosplayers or not.

So here it goes, I know many guys out there would love to have a fit body for that cosplay or just to show off in the beach.

For today's post, Scott Herman will be helping us with how to start working out as a beginner. Scott is an American model, YouTube sensation and actor.

How's that for a beginner workout?

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