Thursday, May 26, 2011

LG Optimus Black: Not Just A Smartphone, It's Genius!

During the last few weeks, i have been craving for a new digicam since my old one is already giving up on me (see this post).

But it crossed my mind that although i need a digicam, hey, a smartphone can actually do what a normal digicam can, right? Or maybe even surpass it's features!

As a blogger, one of the most  important gadgets we use is a camera, or something to take pictures like digicam, SLR, or in some cases, a smartphone.

I, for one, actually make use of my current cellphone as a tool for blogging. I carry it all the time, it's light and convenient to bring. I can instantly post my pics thru a wifi connection.

The picture above is an example of a sudden blogging moment for me. I was on my way to the gym when I saw these hot posters hanging on the streets. I just had to blog them! (see post here)

Sometimes you just spot a cutie on the streets and you just have to take a picture, right?

Good thing there's the LG Optimus Black. It's the perfect thing that i have been looking for!

I love that it looks sleek and elegant. The 122 x 64x 9.2mm is handy enough to fit in my pocket and its super lightweight at 109g! This is what mobile truly means, right?

I am pretty hyped about the fact that the Optimus Black's display can withstand the sun's brightness while you're outdoors as well. My current phone can't do that. That feature will truly be big help for a multi-tasker like me.

I have also researched that music lovers will also fall in love with Optimus Black because the quality of the speaker will not fail you either. Good job!

And of course, the most important thing that I have been needing right now, the camera! The Optimus Black boasts a 5 megapixel camera that can take crisp pictures of moving objects! Now, those models on the runway can escape me no more!

The above pic is one I took using my current camera phone. Huhu... Poor me. I just wasn't happy with the quality of the pics that I just didn't post them to my blog. That's hottie DJ/model Alex Pain, by the way.

The Optimus Black can take moving pictures and make them look like they were shot still! OMG. That is just a dream for me.

The video recording is pretty good too. One could take quality videos in no time with it.

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Optimus is more than just smart. It's genius. Visit for more information!


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