Friday, May 27, 2011

Imbestigador Gets Paid

Last night at work, I was chatting with my teammate, Mommy E.

We were gossiping about several office happenings when she mentioned about an old agent from the floor named Kervin Lao. She said that this Kervin Lao was featured in 'Imbestigador', Mike Enriquez' show. Why? It's because Kervin used to contact aspiring male models thru Facebook to audition, but something else happens to these auditions...


I was... shocked! (or maybe thrilled?)

Kervin was the talk of the town at the office that time. People would recognize him at the elevator as the guy from Imbestigador.

He was reported by four male models as a poser working in the entertainment and modeling industry, some of whom he molested.

When i saw the names of those male models, my eyes literally went out!

Ugh. No comment.

Kervin remained at our company on the first offense, but not on the second. Yes. He continued after the 1st offense.

What troubles me is that Mommy E said that the second offense was not aired by Imbestigador because they were paid by Lao. Whoah! is this true? Or false?

Read the story from Manila Bulletin.

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