Saturday, September 1, 2012

The #Cosmo69 bachelors promo video

Oh Vince.

This is the month we've all been waiting for!

Not only is September a signal for the holidays but it also denotes the Cosmo bachelor bash season!!!

Don't forget to pick up your mouth from the ground

Cosmo just released their promo video for their September issue (their annual best-seller) where the Cosmo beefcakes sing One Direction's popular song "What makes you beautiful".

Who is this stud?

When the video started, I was super surprised to see Vince smiling, singing, and dancing along with the other guys! He is super HOT!!!


Watch the video here:

After watching the video repeatedly, here are the things I took note of...

Best lip-synchers:
1. JM de Guzman
2. Carlo Romero
3. Markki Stroem
4. Alden Richards
5. Garrett Zebley


Top eye candies:
1. Ian Batherson
2. Vince Ferraren
3. Garrett Zebley
4. Carlo Romero
5. John Spainhour

Face-check. Body-check. Close up confidence-check!!!
Cosmo hunks?
1. Baron Geisler

2. Semerad brothers

The video is now becoming viral with 10,706 views and counting!

Thanks Cosmo for bringing us more hot hunks!

Buy a copy of Cosmopolitan Philippines' September issue now!!!

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