Thursday, September 6, 2012

Garage street dapper kings anniversary party


Last Tuesday night, Garage magazine held their annual street dapper kings party.

The event was hosted by Patti Grandidge.


Bumped into PBB teens hottie Ryan Boyce. He’s pretty much the same guy you see on tv – white guy with super clear skin and playful attitude. There’s something about him that is so attractive.

Another hottie that was spotted at the event was Mark Manicad, who won a pair of Fitflops for being one of the best dressed men of the night. Too bad I wasn’t able to photograph him.

There was a fashion show for men which showcased appropriate and fashionable outfits.


Thank god for the fashion show! If not for them, I wish I went home already. The hot models were Vince Canizares, Ervic Vijandre, Laxie Villar, Jovic Susim, Rocky Salumbides, etc.

After the fashion show, August 2012 cover guy Sam Milby was introduced, looking hot as ever.


Sam was joined by Garage’s street dapper kings of 2012.




Check out Sam Milby’s award…


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