Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Why Is Sam MIlby Still Not Fluent in Tagalog?

Actor Sam Milby has been staying in the Philippines since March 2005, but why is he still not fluent in the Filipino language?

In July 2005, Sam Milby was introduced in Pinoy Big Brother.

He played so many roles since then thru TV and movies...

But til now, he doesn't seem to be wanting to know the Filipino language.

Just look at these other guys, Sam...

Rafael Rossell started as a non-Filipino speaker. But look at him now. I mean, look at the way he speaks! LOL

"Despite being a full-bloodied Filipino, he can hardly speaks Filipino/Tagalog when he arrived in the Philippines in 2002 since he was born and raised in Norway. To improve his language proficiency, he took up Filipino/Tagalog lesson and reads aloud Tagalog/Filpino material for at least an hour a day."

Fabio Ide

Brapanese model-turned-actor Fabio may look funny when his speaking in Tagalog, but one appreciates his eagerness to learn the language.

Will Devaughn

Will stars in the fantaserye Dwarfina, and his script is pure Tagalog. There may be twang in it, but its a start.

Sam is one of the biggest male stars of today, how come you could be so famous in the Philippines when you can't even speak the country's language?


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