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The Philippines' Cosplay Hunk

Hello World!

Know more about the Philippines' Cosplay hunk, Jayem Sison!

We've all know Alodia Gosiengfiao as the best Cosplayer there is, right?

Well, everybody should all welcome (ehem, ehem)...

Jayem Sison!!!

I can't wait for Alodia and Jayem to shoot together! What do you think???

Perhaps we should all know more about this Cosplay hottie...

Real Name: John Mark M. Sison
Nick Name: Makki, makkio, mak, Jay Em
Age: **
Profession: Bum lol
Hobbies and Interests: sleeping, pigging out on cheat days, fast cars, snowboarding, I have many retarded friends so I enjoy doing crazy stuff with them, training at the gym, boxing when I have spare time, playing guitar (but I suck at it T_T), cooking(yes I know how to cook sinigang and yes it’s so damn good that you’d be asking for more haha), PS3 games, anime, rare shoes.
Online games you play: pRO
Character Name and Server: cer be rus, New Chaos

All about cosplay
1. Why cosplay?
I’m new to cosplaying. Sunday’s are so boring and is usually ruined because of the thought of another dreaded Monday.
Me and my friends have decided to attend the LU event and wear my costume. Anyway, I guess people cosplay because it really gets them excited for the con (Choosing who to cosplay as, gathering all the materials needed and making the actual costume and props).  Cosplay is like gaining a new identity, I’m actually quite shy, but when I’m cosplaying I can be whoever I’m cosplaying as rawwwr !!! Great for making new friends too and it’s just plain FUN !
2. When did you start?
I enjoy wearing Halloween costumes, when I was a kid, I always wanted to be a badass hero lol. So I guess that’s how it started rawwr !
3. What or who have you cosplayed before? Any favorites?
Well Dark Angel was actually my costume for halloween events(is there any other option for me ? unless a stripper costume counts ?) hahaha
<stripper? OMG!!!>
4. Any new game or anime caharacter you are eyeing to cosplay soon?
There are too many choices, but only selected few that I can pull of and I’m not particularly concerned cosplaying a specific character for now.
5. How did you prepare for your copslay last LU Live 2010?
I had to go on a strict diet (grrr no walnut pancakes!) and went through an arduous training geared toward making me look like a spartan warrior with physique that would give definition and muscular development.
6. What was the feedback when you cosplayed last Lu live 2010?
The magnitudes of the feedbacks are simply overwhelming !!!
7. Do you see yourself cosplaying again next Lu Live?
Cosplay, has helped me come into contact with a number of people who continue to support me in my choices.  My recent cosplay as a whole motivated me greatly to keep the cosplaying spirit going so that’s a HELLL YEAH ! See y’all next LU Live !

Macho Tips from JayEm~
1. How did you get to be so fit?
I started 3 years ago and set small attainable goals and I noticed every month that I exercise I have gotten stronger and have reached those goals and set new ones.
2. What are your top 3 tips for people who would also like to get the type of body you have?
a.)  Set realistic goals
Be sure to understand that you will not get a “6 pack” over night, it takes time, a lot of hard work, dedication and discipline.
Spot reduction is a myth that training a particular body part will shed the fat on that part, you cannot reduce fat on one area of the body to the exclusion of others !
b.) Eat healthy
Go around the grocery store where all the non-processed, non-sugary stuff is.
Avoid a large amount of sugar in your diet and drink plenty of water everyday.
Nutrition will play a key role in determining your success or failure with changing the way your body looks.
ABS are made in the KITCHEN. ’nuff said !
c.) Stay Committed & Consistent to your Fitness Program
Consistency is the major key to your success !
3. Any particular sport that would help you achieve the type of body you have?
Boxing training is a great way to increase fitness and control weight. Boxing workouts use a combination of various exercises on skipping, shadow boxing to circuit training, all of which work together to burn tons of calories.

interview from gmanael.com
pics from Ronaldo Santiago, Alodia's pages, cscentral.com


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