Monday, April 4, 2011

Folded and Hung Guys Are Good Looking!

Do you notice that? The F&H crew are so good-looking!

Every branch I go to, they never fail to mesmerize me!

The F&H chicks rock too!

But let's focus on the sizzling guys, shall we?

Compared to other clothing stores, I like their crew better. ;)

This particular guy is cute. And he's friendly too.

He doesn't like taking pics of himself too much, heehee! Come on, we want more!

Makes me wonder, does F&H actually require their crew to be this good? Hey I am not complaining!

Photo above shows an actual F&H crew from Makati, same branch as the other F&H guy. Guy above is hot as hell in person! It just sucks that he's got a partner now.

Kudos to F&H for the eye candies while we're shopping!


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