Thursday, April 14, 2011

That Cosplay Stud (Part II)

I am totally craving for more for this Cosplay hottie!

Mr. Cosplay Stud, if ever you are reading this post, you are certainly a celebrity now! Many Filipino cosplayers (maybe even foreign cosplayers, that is) are idolizing you.

Read my first post on That Cosplay Stud here.

How I wish that I'd meet you someday and take a picture with you. I can only imagine how I'd pose with you. :P

Well, definitely not like the pic above! It's funny though. LOL

It just shows how far Mr. Cosplayer's level is. 

One could say that he is the male counterpart of the now very popular Alodia Gosiengfiao.

If Alodia is the goddess of Philippine Cosplay, then Mr. Cosplay hunk is definitely the god of Philippine Cosplay!

You make all of us wanna go to Cosplays now!

photo credits: Ronaldo Santiago,, Alodia's page


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