Saturday, March 5, 2011

Who Let The Dogs Out?!!

The Azkals are making us all say WOOF!!!

The Azkals practice hard at the ISM for the much-awaited game against the Mongolia.

Just look at these pictures and see why it's such a joy to see them play.

(Click on pictures for larger images)

Are you tweeting right now, Phil?
Team Captain Aly shows his huge dedication to football.

The glory that is Phil Younghusband.


Anton certainly knows how to grab some attention!

Well hello there, Lil James.

 Seductive look by Aly. Stop it! It's working!!!

Picture perfect smile!

Say hi to Phil!

Gotta love these candid shots.

Nice buns!


Anton spots the camera! Say Cheese!

I like them sweet and sweaty. Anton looks fresh despite the perspiration.

Time to freshen up...

Suck it dry, James!

The Younghusband brothers are just so cute, aren't they?


pictures by Jan Aliling


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