Thursday, March 10, 2011

Catch Me... I'm In Love

Finally! The movie we've all been waiting for is here!

Gerald Anderson and Sarah Geronimo teams up once and for all. Oops... and there's Matteo at the background.

Gosh. Sarah G. is really levelling up, huh? After that teamup with heartbreaker aka 'John Lloyd', she needs to have a revenge with a better looking and masculine leading man, namely Gerald Anderson.


Sarah G. needs a break. Come on, Rayver and Lloydy... You don't deserve this package!

Now let's see those trailers:

Hmmm... didn't see Matteo appear on any trailer.

Don't you love it when Gerald takes his shirt off everytime? Amazing.

Now here's the music video...

Hmm... for sure I'll be watching this film to see if the two has chemistry. I am soo excited! Now the only problem is, who am I gonna watch it with?


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