Saturday, March 5, 2011

Azkals for Metro Society Magazine

There's no stopping the Azkals from rising!

They are on the cover of Metro Society Magazine this March.

I just knew Jason Sabio now. Never noticed him before and I kinda like him.

That's  Rob Gier, <unknown Azkal player>, and Neil Etheridge

Anton Del Rosario, Aly Borromeo, and Simon Greatwich.

Great photo of Aly. Kinda reminds me of Brock Yurich.

Simon and Rob's battle of the abs

Neil's looking like he's having fun!

Love this pic! and love Anton's abs!

More pics Behind-The-Scenes

Simon Greatwich, Anton Del Rosario, Neil Etheridge, Aly Borromeo, Jason Sabio, and Rob Gier. What a handsome group!

Simon, Rob and Anton play around during shoots

Rob Gier looks like a winner with that smile

Rob looks perfect. But the staff should have looked for a better flag.

Neil Etheridge sitting on the grass, with a bottle of water. Hmmm... What are you doing with that?


And the best part of it is here! The Azkals invite you to get a copy of the mag! Available on newsstands by March 10, 2011.

credits to Jason Sabio's facebook page and Azkals page.


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