Monday, March 14, 2011

Mr. Gay World 2011 Winners!

Oh My Gulay!

It was such a nice show to miss!

The pageant was held at Club Mwah in Manila, Philippines. Gosh. I wonder when the next Mr. Gay World will be held here again.

The picture above is showing the very handsome winner of Mr. Gay World 2011 coming from South Africa, Francois Nel.

Wow! That's the 2nd time that South Africa won already. Last year's winner, Charl Van Den Berg, came from South Africa too.

Hmm... I never knew that there are studs there in Africa too.

So here are the list of winners:

Francois Nell, South Africa – Mr Gay World 2011

Michael Kevin Holtz, U.S.A. – First Runner-Up

Israel Acevedo, SPAIN – Second Runner-Up

Leigh Charles, AUSTRALIA – Third Runner-Up

Aaron Comis, NEW ZEALAND – Fourth Runner-Up

Leigh Charles, AUSTRALIA
Mr. Gay Swimwear
Mr. Gay Formal Wear
Madis Raastas, ESTONIA
Mr. Gay Congeniality

Barry Gouldsbury, IRELAND
Mr. Community Challenge

Aaron Cormis, NEW ZEALAND
Mr. Gay Photogenic

Marc Ernest Biala, PHILIPPINES
Best National Costume
Mr. Popularity Online Voting Awardee

The Top 10 was Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, Ireland, USA, Mexico, Netherlands, Curacao, Spain, and Philippines.

Indeeed, one can see that South Africa stands out.

Congratulations to Mr. Philippines for making it to the Top 10!

Good job to the Mr. Gay World for picking Mr. South Africa! I'm loving him!!!

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