Saturday, February 15, 2014

Sebastian Castro is a mix of ForeigNoy and PoGay

Sebastian Castro foreignoy pogay

If he wants to, YouTube star Sebastian Castro can join Eat Bulaga’s “You’re My ForeigNoy” and It’s Showtime’s “I am PoGay”.

Sebastian is ethnically Peruvian-Japanese and has an American nationality; not a single Pinoy drop of blood runs through his veins so he is perfect for ForeigNoy – plus he already adapted to our local culture!

He is also a very handsome openly gay guy who can show off some of his sexy dance moves on PoGay.

But in reality, he can only choose one show to join so if you were to choose, which noontime show contest is Sebastian Castro perfect for: “You’re my ForeigNoy” or “I am PoGay”? Leave your comments below.

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