Friday, June 8, 2012

Hunk of the day: Hideo Muraoka

Hideo Muraoka

The hunk of the day is Hideo Muraoka.

Last month was the first time we saw each other again after he went to Singapore for work.

Hideo was the only inspiration I had before when I decided to be a blogger. He was one of the first models I was able to approach when I was starting. Hideo was already HIDEO MURAOKA the moment I met him but he was so nice and kind in person. So I thought all models were like him…

Blogging became so good to me. I have met a lot of models and proved that Hideo is one-of-a-kind. Hideo gives you warmth of family and genuine kindness.

That’s why when he was out of the country for so long, I really felt that longing to meet him again.

And here he is, smiling at us with his mighty pecs and carved six-pack. Making everyone alive. Waking anyone who’s sleepy. Throwing jokes around.

Face. Body. Personality.

I’m glad you came.

More of Hideo here.

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